Health and Safety

The Standard for Safety is as critical to our organization as the Standard for Excellence.

Message from the General President

The United Association has now implemented the “UA Standard for Safety” which is based on common sense issues and is intended to compliment contractor or owner safety programs. The Standard is part of our ongoing commitment to protecting the health and safety of our members. The Standard is intended to help meet the contractor’s responsibilities to provide a safe workplace. To me, this Standard for Safety is critical to our organization as the Standard for Excellence. The very lives of our members depend on it.

Fraternally Yours,

— William P. Hite, General President

Safety Vision Statement

“Working without injury is a value. By maximizing the participation of our most valuable resources, our members, we will seek out and correct all unsafe situations. The only acceptable goal is a zero injury incident rate. This value is embedded in our organization and is a vital part of our culture. Every member is expected to actively participate in maintaining this culture.”

“Protecting the health and safety of our country’s workers is an important national value. It’s something we should all share. We don’t believe that anyone should have to endanger their personal health or their very lives to make a living for their families to live a life of dignity.”

The United Association Department of Safety and Health is charged with one of the United Association’s most important and essential activities: protecting the lives of UA members on the jobsite.

All workers should know:

  • Their rights;
  • The hazards of their jobs.
  • Which chemicals, equipment, and practices are dangerous, and how to protect themselves.
  • Who the official safety and health individual is on their jobsite.

In short, safety must be the top priority of every worker and particularly every UA member stepping onto a jobsite each day.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act Unions, like the United Association, have played a significant role in calling attention to, and helping to reduce the incidence of workplace-related injuries and deaths. We have fought hard to encourage safety education and standard enforcement.

The most current version of the Occupational Health and Safety Act can be obtained on the Canadian Government e-Laws Website: